Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership

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What sets the CFN apart?

Whether you want to improve a team’s performance, help others grow, transform an organization’s strategy, drive a merger or acquisition, change how a leadership team functions or simply improve your own effectiveness, this course will make you significantly smarter about facilitating change.

You will learn the deeper neuroscience of:

  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Decision-Making & Problem Solving
  • Change Facilitation
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Curriculum overview

A six month online, expert-guided program. Participants spend four to six hours/week on the material and acquire practical skills based on current neuroscience.

The program is broken down into four modules. Each module is covered over the course of five weeks. Modules are built around one of the four domains of neuroleadership:

Module I

Make decisions & solve problems

Bring the science into your organization and develop your talent team utilizing the latest research.

Module II

Regulate emotions

Discover the neuroscience of emotions and how learning to regulate your own can bring about vast improvements in your productivity and relationships.

Module III


Learn about the science of the “social” brain, why it’s so important, and how to improve the effectiveness of your interactions by leveraging it.

Module IV

Facilitate change

Analyze the neuroscience of change, why we struggle with it, and how you can become a positive change agent in your organization with this knowledge.

Learn from leading minds

Grace Chang, Ph.D.


Christine Cox, Ph.D.


Kamila Sip, Ph.D.


Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D.




This is an excellent course for anyone interested in understanding the neurobiological underpinnings to successful coaching engagements.

Lydia S.

The course content exceed my expectations. The NLI training team and support of the registration is highly qualified and very generous about sharing knowledge and experience.

Mohammed Chitaouy

I found the course to be both informative and practical. I’ve gained greater knowledge about how the brain works, a process to model and insight into how to integrate the skills I’ve learned with my current consulting practice.

Daniel M.

The course is very well structured with a good mixture of theory and practical exercises. The practical exercises are very well organized and the student gets a real feeling for what coaching means.

Pilar V.

This course stretched my mind and gave me the right balance of theory and practical to grow my coaching skills. I feel much more confident with my own abilities and approach to coaching corporate clients.

Lynda E.

November 2020

Begins week of November 23, 2020

The CFN is a online course with live Q&A sessions offered twice a week. Students are encouraged to dial-in, or may listen to recordings posted on the portal.