“Hybrid might be the word du jour among employers touting themselves as fostering flexible workplaces, but it’s being widely misunderstood — potentially with damaging consequences.

Granted, it’s a pithier buzzword than flexibility, but using it as a broad, catch-all to plan and execute post-pandemic workforce strategies is missing the point, workplace experts say.

The snag is that when hybrid-working is implemented poorly (as it currently is in many cases across industries) — flexibility as a whole gets a bad rap. We spoke to a range of consultants to gauge more insight into why there’s a need for more clarity.”

  • An illustration of people on different levels, and the bottom people are confused

Equity, Explained

August 8th, 2023|

In this infographic, we dive into how the brain reacts to unfairness and why systems must be overhauled to achieve true equity.