“In this episode, we consider ways to elevate employee performance through well-crafted DEI policies.

In the pursuit of building inclusive organizations, leaders and HR professionals are increasingly recognizing the importance of measuring diversity and leveraging those findings to shape company culture and improve the performance of the org.

How do these attempts to measure diversity impact an employee’s perception of the company? In this episode, we explore the impact that measuring diversity and applying those findings can have on an employee’s perception of their employer’s brand.

By embracing transparency and adopting data-driven approaches, companies can cultivate a culture that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and promotes equality. Listen as we delve into how these efforts to measure diversity can shape employee perceptions, engender trust, and enhance employee satisfaction and commitment.

Joining Bill Banham and Chris Bjoring on the show today is Janet M. Stovall, Global Head of DEI at the NeuroLeadership Institute, a global neuroscience-backed consultancy advising companies including Boeing, Microsoft, Netflix, and Zoom on DEI and workplace culture.

Questions for Janet include: 

  • What can well-crafted, fully-researched DEI policies and practices mean for the overall performance levels of employees?
  • The NeuroLeadership Institute works with such companies as Boeing, Microsoft, Netflix, and Zoom on DEI and workplace culture. For those organizations currently trying to measure diversity and better bus outcomes, what lessons can they take from Boeing etc to improve their DEI initiatives?
  • How can measuring diversity impact an employee’s perception of a company?
  • What tools of measurement for DEI no longer work?”
  • An illustration of people on different levels, and the bottom people are confused

Equity, Explained

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