Employees calling for better wages and working conditions have always been a given in the workplace. But workers are increasingly calling on their companies to take action on other issues that they care about as well.

They may want their employers to speak out against a state law — such as the restrictive abortion law in Texas. Or they may criticize, protest or leak information about their companies’ business decisions that directly speak to their social and political concerns, whether it’s a mandate to be vaccinated against Covid-19, controversy over content or the perils to democracy due to amplified disinformation.
And even if there isn’t a walkout in the works, some employees may indicate their view that the company is moving too slowly on key issues, such as diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
Regardless of the topic, the question for front-line and middle managers is how to address what is bothering members of their team before it’s too late. Employees need to feel heard, even if the company doesn’t ultimately yield to their specific requests.

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