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The Essentials: Growth Mindset

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For the past decade, we’ve been the global leader in organizational growth mindset. We’ve done extensive research on the topic, consulted with companies to develop internal cultures of growth mindset, and shared our knowledge and experience widely. Here are some of our content highlights to get you up to speed on the power of growth mindset.



The Basics

What Is a Growth Mindset, Anyway?

Growth Mindset: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Activating Growth Mindset: 10 Years of Insight


A Culture of Growth Mindset

Your Employees Want a ‘Growth Mindset Culture’ — and So Should You

Here’s What Growth Mindset Can Really Do for Organizations

The Mindset Organizations Need Right Now With Ford and Comcast


Growth Mindset in Action

How Cigna Uses Growth Mindset to Boost Agility

Change in Weeks, Not Years, With Boeing and Procter & Gamble

How Adopting a Growth Mindset Transformed Microsoft



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