Develop High-Performing Teams

While many organizations can persuade and recruit top talent for their teams, few can create a high-performance team destined for greatness. Creating high-performing teams requires concentrated effort and a dedicated desire to understand every team member’s perspectives, strengths, and motivations. At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we help organizations strengthen their teams so they can reach their top performance goals, with a focus on the following characteristics: 

  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Motivation

How to Build an Effective Team at Work

Effective teams aren’t born — they’re made with concerted effort. You can develop your team and inspire your employees to be their best with the following strategies: 

  • Minimize threat: Your employees work and feel best in an environment where they feel safe. Minimize potential feelings of threats around your workplace by asking the right questions and being calm, considerate, and nonconfrontational. 
  • Amplify voices: A surefire way to get your employees feeling productive and respected is to amplify their voices within your business to maintain an inclusive workplace. 
  • Create clear communication strategies and expectations: Employees work best when managers communicate clear expectations, metrics, and accountability measures. By communicating the correct metrics to monitor progress over time, you can help your talent precisely understand the job’s demands. 
  • Embrace a growth mindset: A great way to minimize threats within the workplace is to foster a growth mindset and help your employees understand that criticism is professional, not personal. 
  • Acknowledge bias: Bias is an inevitable part of the human psyche that was once valuable for our survival. Today, acknowledging and working against our internal biases creates a workforce that’s more receptive to new ideas and makes everyone feel welcomed.

When High-Performing Teams Shine

Diverse and inclusive high-performing teams shine no matter the circumstances and experience higher sales revenues and customer retention rates. At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we’ve seen that having a high-performance team can make a significant difference when navigating the following circumstances: 

  • Launching a product or service: High-performing, diverse teams are more likely to create more novel ideas from the wealth of their different experiences. In a London-based study, researchers found that companies with diverse management teams introduce more innovative projects. 
  • Troubleshooting a problem: When a diverse team approaches a troubleshooting assignment, they’re more likely to prevent these projects from launching with errors. High-performance teams consider the perspectives of their many stakeholders and work harder to catch flaws. 
  • Navigating uncertainty: The more varied your team’s past experiences, the more likely they will be able to plan for an uncertain future. High-performing teams with a diverse range of experiences are less likely to fall into groupthink mentalities and make safer and more rational choices when required.

Develop Your Team With NLI

The NeuroLeadership Institute has spent years refining our products to help your organization build high-performance teams. We offer the following programs to grow your team and expand its capabilities: 

To learn more about how the NeuroLeadership Institute can transform your organization, contact us online today.