DEI Practitioner Master Class

Are you a DEI, HR, or Talent practitioner looking to advance your organization’s DEI practices?

Organizations everywhere are committing to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion. While increased commitment will help, getting this right will also take understanding and following the science.

Over the last seven years, we have helped hundreds of organizations follow the science and reduce bias, increase inclusion and more, through deep research and applicable concepts that create change. We do this by starting with the brain: anchoring DEI initiatives on what we know works from basic biological science.

NLI’s DEI Practitioner Master Class program, will give you the opportunity to dive deep into our research, and develop a deep understanding of how to approach DEI from a scientific perspective that drives results.

This is a virtual program for participants anywhere in the world, that takes you through step by step, helping you build a science-based DEI strategy. Starting with how to mobilize leaders, all the way through to measuring impact, we will draw on the best of research along with opportunities to learn from peers and subject matter experts. Follow this link to learn more.