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Hybrid work. The great resignation. The rise of artificial intelligence. Economic uncertainty. If nothing else, the last several years illustrate that change in the workplace is constant — and these frequent disruptions can levy a serious tax on even the most resilient teams. It should come as no surprise, then, that reports of occupational burnout are reaching all-time highs.

While we may not always be able to stem the tide of disruption, we can cultivate workplace climates that better situate individuals and teams to deliver their best work and retain their cognitive health.

On this episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Alison Szarko, MA, BCBA (Client Experience Architect, Mayo Clinic) joins Evynn McFalls (VP Global Marketing & Brand, NLI) to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Together, they discuss the importance of habituating workplace well-being — and its implications on employee performance, talent development, and business outcomes.

Join the discussion on:

• The key elements of cognitive health.
• What it takes to find focus amid disruption.
• The relationship between employee well-being and business outcomes.
• How factors such as psychological safety and inclusion impact individual and team health.

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