Your Brain at Work LIVE | The UNconscious Communicator: How to Get Key Conversations Right

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DEI touches every part of our organizations. Now, more than ever, our leaders must be open and transparent about how we’re driving DEI efforts, taking a stand on notable social issues, and working together to build a better world.

But when problems involving power, implicit bias, and threat/reward clash with how we acknowledge our unconscious bias and act beyond ourselves, we, and everyone else, see misalignment between what our company says and what it actually does.

And that leads to consequences like reputation damage, attrition, attraction and retention challenges, lawsuits, boycotts, and more.

In this episode of Your Brain at Work Live, Dr. Michaela Simspon (our VP of Research) joins Global Head of DEI and co-author of Amazon bestseller, The Conscious Communicator: The Fine Art of Not Saying Stupid Sh*t, Janet Stovall.

Together, they’ll examine the roles bias mitigation, allyship, and inclusive habits play in minimizing reactive, emotional, and defensive communication decisions and shine a light on a replicable, scalable tool to identify, justify and clarify positioning and messaging on sensitive, provocative issues.

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