DE&I – Follow the Science, Experiment, Follow the Data

Creating a culture that maps to the modern landscape of Diversity Equity and Inclusion requires a scientific approach. Organizations need to follow the science and be scientific about establishing their hypothesis, structuring the experiments, tracking the results, and course correcting as they go.

At NLI, we have a radically simple definition of organizational culture – the shared everyday habits of its people. If we want to create real change, we have to know the science of behavior change at scale.

This is precisely what we’ll be talking about in our next episode of Your Brain at Work LIVE. Join co-founder and CEO Dr. David Rock, and consultants Camille Inge and Paulette Gerkovich as they unpack how your organization can take a scientific approach to your diversity, equity and inclusion practices.

Leave with examples of actionable strategies you can start putting in place now. Hold your spot to join us.

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