The NeuroLeadership Institute’s
Commitment to Allyship

In 2013, NeuroLeadership Institute transformed how organizations challenge bias and diversity with DECIDE.

In 2015, we changed discussions around inclusive workplaces with INCLUDE.

In 2018, we began helping organizations create safe places for their people to speak up with VOICE.

And, since late 2020, we’ve been leading conversations to make organizations more equitable with ALLY.

All the research we do and the products we build are integral to our organizational identity and aspirations. We pride ourselves on – and employees bask in – our inclusive environment where divergent opinions are solicited and encouraged.

The glue that keeps our diverse and inclusive workplace together is allyship. We hold ourselves accountable to acknowledge the position we’re in and how we can use that to advance and elevate others.

For us at NLI, allyship is about our organizational commitment to actively promote and create opportunities for the entire talent pool to contribute and advance.

Allyship is a new label for what has always been a staple of our workplace – identifying the best talent, wherever they are, and enabling them to flourish and grow.

Globally, 67-78% of NLI employees identify as female. In North America, 35%+ of our employees in North America are from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. We know first-hand that diverse teams are smarter and that understanding influences client interaction and everything we do internally.

We prioritize promoting from within over hiring externally, with about 20% of our team advancing annually, and we encourage atypical career paths that have seen individuals move from finance into sales, from sales into client delivery, and from instructional design to sales (to name a few).

While we’re not perfect, we have a growth mindset- always learning and iterating. One thing that remains constant and dear is our inclusive culture and equitable workplace.


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