The Importance of Company Culture

Research has consistently linked a strong organizational culture to high employee retention, productivity, and company profits. In fact, many executives believe that improving their organization’s culture would increase the value of their company. What is workplace culture, and how do you start to build a stronger one? Improve your workplace’s culture and move toward a growth mindset with NLI.

Let’s Define Workplace Culture

Workplace culture consists of shared everyday habits and ideologies that contribute to how your work affects your employees. While many companies focus exclusively on building workplace culture in the office, it also encompasses your digital work and communications. Your workplace culture involves: 

  • How leaders listen to their teams.
  • How meetings are structured and run.
  • Whether employees can share ideas easily and openly.
  • Digital culture and expectations for remote workers.
  • Physical spaces that support your employees (nap pods, restaurants, etc.). 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have found it beneficial to strengthen their culture because it helps their employees connect across the distance. This effort creates a more positive work environment and causes your workplace to improve employee retention and productivity.

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Creating an Intentional Culture in a Hybrid Workplace

Culture isn’t your building — it’s your people. With workplace culture now separated from your physical office due to the rise of remote work, you must create an intentional culture that allows everyone to feel included and respected. Changing corporate culture to reflect hybrid work has the following benefits: 

  • Faster adoption of workplace culture due to video calls
  • Increased inclusivity and focus on talent
  • Ability to encourage the growth mindset by inspiring new solutions

4 Key Components of a Growth Mindset Culture

In the age of constant digital advancements, learning new skills isn’t optional — it’s mandatory. Adopting a culture based on a growth mindset is the best way to ensure that your workplace prizes learning new skills and believes in career growth. Turn your workplace into a champion of the growth mindset by focusing on the following aspects:


 Encourage your workers to cultivate new skills, capabilities and expertise.


Ensure your employees are encouraged to take risks and explore creative new solutions to workplace challenges.


Give your employees genuine feedback that allows them to improve continuously.


Cultivate a growth mindset and build a team that understands that inclusion is an ever-evolving endeavor that requires effort to develop better habits.

Develop Company Culture With NLI

At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we specialize in working with businesses to create an inclusive and versatile company culture that can adapt to the ever-changing technological advances of the workplace. We help build you a company culture worth fighting for with the following initiatives:

Team Empowerment

We empower your team to make the best decisions possible by teaching them how to remove bias from the decision process.

Common Language

Developing a common language ensures your workforce is always on the same page and can identify issues as they arise.

Shared Habits

The most significant element of establishing culture is to encourage shared habits throughout your organization.

Engage Your People

By getting your workplace excited about making cultural shifts, you can bring your organization together.

GROW is a learning solution that emphasizes the value of corporate culture and supports you as your organization develops an inclusive growth mindset. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your workplace grow its culture. 

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