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3 Essential Habits All Leaders Should Focus On

Your Brain at Work2019-01-14T15:15:19-04:00

NLI’s blog for all things neuroleadership.

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The Secret Ingredient for Reducing Bias in Performance Management: Quality Conversations

Leaders who talk to their people about performance on a regular basis, not just once a year, do themselves the biggest favor in being unbiased.

Yes, Even Highly Structured Organizations Can Revamp Performance Management

In many organizations, performance management conversations happen maybe four times a year. NLI knows how to make them a regular part of work life.

The 4 Active Ingredients for Long-Term Learning

The AGES Model helps organizations take a new approach to learning efforts, turning mandatory events into meaningful experiences.

The 3 Traits All Quality Conversations Have in Common

Scientific research suggests there are three key habits around quality conversations that leaders can build to improve employee engagement and retention.

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