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NLI’s Heidi Grant Given Best Business Book Honors

In her new book "Reinforcements," NLI Chief Science Officer Dr. Heidi Grant helps readers learn to ask for what they want.

Why Transparency Is the Secret to Improving Employee Experience

Management transparency has been shown to boost employee engagement, performance, and creativity. But why is transparency such a powerful driver of employee experience?

4 Science-Backed Management Habits That Can Improve Performance

Only about a third of US employees qualify as "engaged." It's up to management to create the habits that can boost that figure.

The Secret to Workplace Satisfaction Is Surprisingly Simple

Employees that have their social needs met are more likely to feel engaged in their jobs and less likely to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

An Army General’s Advice for Career Shifts: Focus on Blind Spots

Making a major career shift requires identifying your blind spots and moving quickly to cure them.

If You Want to Persuade People, Don’t ‘Treat the World As Facts’

Influence is about reaching people where their facts are at.

Leaders May Be Sabotaging Their Performance Reviews and Don’t Even Know It

Due to the effects of bias, managers may be conducting performance reviews in such a way that sets employees on unwanted career paths for years.

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