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Want to Prioritize Better? Mitigating This Cognitive Bias Can Help

A distance bias occurs when we prioritize what's closer in space or time than what's farther away. Here's how to mitigate the bias to prioritize better.

5 Growth Mindset Blog Posts to Start the New Year Right

What better way to ring in 2020 than with a new perspective on your own potential? Growth mindset can help unlock skills you once thought were unattainable.

Is Your Leadership Model ‘Sticky’ in People’s Minds?

The NeuroLeadership Institute’s new “Idea Report” highlights the importance of leadership models being “sticky” in the brain. Now think: Is yours?

The Surprising Science of Finding (and Living) Your Organization’s Purpose

How do you bring your organization’s purpose to life? By relying on the science of memory and motivation to go essential, rather than exhaustive.

6 Words That Have Transformed Leadership at Microsoft

Where most companies’ leadership models are exhaustive, Microsoft’s leadership principles contain just six words, split into three phrases.

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