The SEEDS® Model

Define and mitigate the seeds of unconscious bias.

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SEEDS® Helps Organizations Make Better Business & Hiring Decisions

Make Informed, Effective, and Confident Decisions

Empower your team to make more informed, effective, and confident decisions when it matters most. Truly mitigate bias at scale by removing it from process, not people.

Make Inclusive, Informed, and Successful People Decisions

Managers will learn how bias impacts different parts of the hiring process and how to adopt and apply three habits to mitigate bias.

SEEDS® Helps Organizations Make Better Business & Hiring Decisions

SEEDS® Model

Despite decades of effort and major investment dedicated to reducing bias in organizational settings, it persists. We provide The SEEDS® Model for designing and guiding the use of such processes.

Educate your team or Develop your Strategy with SEEDS®

Educate Your Team with SEEDS®

Research Briefings are a great first step to introduce your organization to powerful neuroscience-based tools and approaches with demonstrated business impact.

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Rethink Your D&I Strategy with a Thinking Partnership

NeuroLeadership Institute partners with companies worldwide to develop brain-based strategies and processes that directly impact talent management.

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Access cutting-edge insights from brain-based research about today’s talent challenges.

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The SEEDS Model® simplifies the roughly 150 identified cognitive biases and recognizes five categories of bias.

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