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  2. Paulette Gerkovich, Ph.D.

Paulette Gerkovich, Ph.D.

Paulette is a Senior Consultant in NLI’s Diversity & Inclusion practice. She has 30 years of experience researching, creating and consulting on D&I-related issues. She is a published author, appearing on the global speaking circuit and in national and international media. She has served in leadership roles in corporate and non-profit organizations, including: Global Head of D&I at Micron Technology; Americas Regional Head of D&I at Credit Suisse; Global Head of Diversity and Ombudsman at McKinsey & Co.; and Senior Manager, Diversity Change & Communications, at Booz Allen Hamilton. She served as Board Chair of the Black Culinarian Alliance from 2016-17. Paulette spent 10 years at Catalyst, where she served as Senior Director of Research. She was also Chair of the Catalyst Award Committee, examining over 150 D&I efforts for effectiveness, impact and sustainability. Paulette has a B.A. in Communications and Film Studies from Temple University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Maryland.