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Conor McCullagh

As Managing Director of International Markets with nearly 10 years tenure at the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI), Conor McCullagh is responsible for how NLI partners with clients in EMEA and APAC to create impactful behaviour change and help shift company culture.


Originating from an Economics & Accounting background prior to joining NLI, Mr. McCullagh holds 17 years experience working for behavioural change organisations such as The Quo Group which is a leading provider of change management solutions to organisations.

Mr. McCullagh’s strengths lie in communication in the form of maximising workplace   relationships, collaboration & managing group dynamics and using strategic thinking with his experience of workplace culture. He loves nothing more than working with his clients to, “Help humans become more human in organisations by facilitating insight and encouraging positive habit creation.”

Mr. McCullagh is qualified as a Results Trained Coach (Brain Based Coaching Certification) and has a BSc Hons in Economics and Accounting from Queens University, Belfast.