Vice President, Research

Are you interested in closing the gap between what science knows and how organizations are run? Would you like to do research that has a big impact on the “real” world and do so while working flexibly from (almost) anywhere in North America?

The NeuroLeadership Institute pioneered the application of social cognitive neuroscience to organisational challenges.

Now, we’re looking for an experienced, published, polished Ph.D. to lead our research agenda, research team, oversee a research Journal, and above all, help us develop better strategies for leading and managing people everywhere.

As a global research institute with our own consulting practice and a team of ~200 full time employees around the globe, the NLI has advised over 50% of the Fortune 100 on how to follow the science to create more successful, more human organizations. Our work impacts millions of people everywhere, giving organizations more science-based practices for hiring, promoting, rewarding, motivating and managing their people.

Our research includes field studies – going into organizations to test out hypotheses and collect data, as well as synthesis research, to identify patterns in broader research to advise on people strategies, plus broader industry research.

Reach out if you:

  • Are passionate about the idea of using science to improve organisational people practices
  • Have a Ph.D. in social cognitive neuroscience (preferred) or in social science, org psych, psychology or similar
  • Can speak eloquently to well-educated though non-academic audiences
  • Have leadership experience leading and growing a team including 5 years of running your own lab
  • Have experience and results engaging with senior leadership and stakeholders
  • Are ready for a new challenge outside of academia

Intrigued? Email your resume to or please let us know of anyone you think might be suited to this unique position.

PS- NLI is more than an equal opportunity employer. We’re actively focused on expanding and diversifying our applicant pool to ensure our team represents the diverse range of our communities and clients.