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Your Brain at Work LIVE | A Closer Look at Disability and Neurodiversity through a Neuroscience Lens

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About the Webinar

It’s human nature to crave community.

Research – not to mention simple compassion – tells us that connection is a basic human need as necessary as food and shelter.

Today, organizations worldwide are committed to driving diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to address systemic issues regarding the people we are and the places we come from.

But how much of that conversation has focused on neurodiversity, psychological distress, and disability?

And what does that mean for the inclusion and psychological safety of those silently managing these issues?

In this week’s Your Brain at Work LIVE, NLI CEO and co-founder Dr. David Rock is joined by our Vice President of Research to pull back the curtain on the ways we talk about neurodiversity and disability in the workplace today and how we should be evolving that conversation tomorrow to build a stronger, more supportive space of belonging for all of us.