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London Brain-Based Coaching



The Brain-Based Coaching Certificate program is designed with the brain in mind. At its foundation is coaching theory, supported by contemporary neuroscience, and brain-based conversation skills.

The objective for Brain-Based Conversation Skills is to support you to develop strong brain-based coaching skills and have insightful conversations.

By completing the Brain-Based Coaching Certificate you will integrate the learning from the Brain-Based Coaching Skills into a Coaching Engagement.

You will learn to:

- Facilitate an introductory conversation with a potential coachee,
- Work with the coaches to set goals that are aligned to their value
- Support the coaches to create a clear plan to accomplish their goals
- Help the coachee to view progress, setbacks, and change with right mindset
- Overcome common coaching challenges that may surface in an engagement
- Coach in key contexts and obtain feedback from peers and experts
- Role model asking for feedback abd help, and support the coachee to do the same
- Support the coachee to develop helpful habits and behaviors

The Brain Based Coaching Certificate
16 x 1.5 Hour Webinars
August 11 – November 24
11:00am – 12:30pm UK Time

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Conversation Skills

  • 4 days of virtual training
  • 25.5 hours of ICF accredited training


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Coaching Certificate

  • Prerequisite: BBCS
  • +16 virtual workshops
  • +49.5 hours of ICF accredited training

£2,995* (Earlybird)


*Available on July BBCC program registrations.

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Face-to-Face Workshop

  1. Brain-Based Coaching Theory
  2. Brain-Based Communication
  3. Conversations That Generate Insight
  4. Dance of Insight™
  5. Impasse to Insight™
  6. Insight to Action
  7. Emotional Regulation
  8. Bringing the Conversation Together
  9. Elements of Insightful Conversations
  10. Developing New Habits
  11. Action to Habit
  12. Coaching with Presence

16 Weekly Teleclasses*

Brain-Based Coaching Engagements

  1. Goal Setting I: Mining & Refining
  2. Goal Setting II: Defining & Shining
  3. Strategies & Actions
  4. The Second Session: Prep & Step
  5. Ongoing Coaching Sessions
  6. Progress & Accountability
  7. Completing the Coaching Engagements

Coaching Toolkit

  1. Coaching for Change
  2. Purpose & Values
  3. Coaching for Balance
  4. Personal Productivity
  5. Confidence Coaching
  6. Making Great Decisions
  7. Coaching Through Conflict
  8. Building Awareness

*Full Certificate Only. These calls are not recorded.


This is an excellent course for anyone interested in understanding the neurobiological underpinnings to successful coaching engagements.

Lydia S.

Facilitators include: