Equity in the Workplace

Today, equity is becoming increasingly relevant in conversations and organizations across the world. As more forward-thinking organizations factor equity into their systems and practices, it’s important to remember equity’s deep roots.

At NLI, we’re here to help you find the signal through the noise about equity and learn how to apply it to your organization. We help you define, develop, and deploy the “equity” in your “diversity, equity, and inclusion” plan. Our science-backed strategies help your organization actually promote equity in the workplace so you can transform your organization’s culture and reap the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Strengthen your operation by developing a workplace that promotes equity and encourages your people to share their thoughts and experiences with the NeuroLeadership Institute.

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Equity vs. Equality in the Workplace

Equity and equality are frequently confused or conflated with one another. While equality assumes that all people have access to the same advantages and opportunities, equity acknowledges that individuals have varying degrees of access to resources and opportunities and seeks to distribute resources accordingly to achieve equal results. Put simply, while equality is about sameness, equity is about fairness.

Most importantly, equity is an actionable and achievable goal.

How to Promote Equity in the Workplace

In the workplace, creating equity means changing behaviors and encouraging employees to leverage their advantage intentionally. Organizations can enable employees to do so by scaling the practice of allyship.

At NLI, our definition of allyship is the practice of being aware of one’s advantaged position and using it to actively include and support those who are less advantaged. Allyship, in short, leverages advantage intentionally to increase equity. Allies are the change agents of equity in the workplace. 

The NeuroLeadership Institute can help promote workplace equity by leveraging the following strategies:

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Mobilize Leaders

Having a team of committed leaders is essential to making your workplace more equitable. By mobilizing leaders and having them model positive behaviors, you can create a workspace that values and embodies equitable practices. When leaders are mobilized, they’ll have the initiative and motivation to allocate the necessary budget for starting a successful equity initiative.

Build Impactful Strategies

At NLI, we “follow the science” to create a dedicated scientific strategy for increasing your workplace equity. We work with scientists and consultants to analyze the current reality of your workplace and identify potential areas for improvement. With the help of our scientific strategies, you can transform your workplace and create a more equitable environment.

Change Behaviors and Activate Habits

The most crucial part of creating a more inclusive workplace is embedding new, better habits. NLI gives you the tools you need to begin mitigating bias so that your diverse teams can reach their full potential. We offer a suite of solutions designed to address decision making, inclusion, allyship, and selection processes. Grow your workplace’s potential by activating habits today.

Reinvent Talent Acquisition and Management

Your talent acquisition process is an opportunity to implement change at an organizational level and reinforce new and equitable systems and habits. With the right processes , you’ll be able to acquire excellent talent through the lens of brain science and change your workplace.

Create an Equitable Workplace With NLI

At the NeuroLeadership Institute, we help create more equitable workplaces by activating powerful habits through neuroscience. We’re focused on helping our clients create concrete and actionable diversity, equity and inclusion goals so that your team feels empowered to drive real change. Contact us online to learn how we can create a plan to improve equity in your workplace.