Diversity in the Workplace

Research has overwhelmingly shown that companies with diverse teams are smarter, more creative, and produce more revenue. By employing a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds who offer different experiences and expertise, you can increase your workplace’s potential and build a more resilient workforce. 

Benefits and Advantages of a Diverse Workforce

Having a diverse pool of talent is essential to creating a versatile and resilient workforce. The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are widely touted, and organizations that strive for both see the following benefits: 

  • Stronger team identity
  • More effective and informed decisions
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased psychological safety and performance
  • More accurate feedback and assessments
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Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Promoting diversity in the workplace requires moving past just awareness and developing a thorough strategy to mobilize leaders, activate habits, and reimagine talent management systems. NLI is focused on helping your businesses move past awareness to start changing behaviors and embedding habits by focusing on these four components:

Mobilize Leaders

Leadership buy-in is essential to driving diversity initiatives in your workplace. As organizational role models, workplace leaders can help make diversity a priority and allocate resources to achieve it. Some strategies for mobilizing your workplace leaders include leadership coaching, 1:1 sessions, diversity and inclusion research briefings, listening circles, employee engagement surveys, and town halls.

Build Strategies

In the modern workplace, organizations must have solid strategies and plans for increasing diversity. At NLI, we deploy scientists and consultants to analyze your workplace’s current diversity initiatives and identify areas for improvement. NLI has all the expertise necessary to bridge the gap between your current state and future diversity goals.

Change Behaviors to Activate Habits

The most crucial part of creating a more inclusive workplace is embedding new, better habits. NLI gives you the tools you need to begin mitigating bias so that your diverse teams can reach their full potential. We offer a suite of solutions designed to address decision making, inclusion, allyship, and selection processes. Grow your workplace’s potential by activating habits today.

Reimagine Talent Management Systems

Building a more diverse workplace requires working from the ground up to reimagine talent management systems. NLI works with scientists to assess talent management through the lens of brain science so that you can pinpoint and implement improvements that create a more diverse workplace.

Promote Diversity in the Workplace With the NeuroLeadership Institute

The NeuroLeadership Institute is dedicated to providing our clients with science-based solutions to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We help you develop actionable solutions, so you can continue to meet and exceed your diversity goals. Contact us online to learn more about our diversity and inclusion consultations and programs.

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